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We list down some of our patients' frequently asked questions.

A: A valid ID, any most recent lab results, and prescription.

A: Many of these conditions or illnesses can be treated just by speaking with a physician over the phone and do not require an in-person visit with a guaranteed accurate prognosis.

A: Yes, we can provide Temporary refills on most prescriptions; however, this is only a temporary solution and should not be used in place of your normal doctor’s prescription.

At the discretion of our doctors, we will not refill any prohibited drugs or substances, narcotics, or sedatives. We are compliant with all Telemedicine Policies and Regulations.

A: We’re working on making it possible for you to order labs through our partners, and it should be available soon.

A: Please keep in mind that South California Medcare is not a substitute for emergency medical care, and we only provide pre-arranged medications for specific diseases.

Please call 911 immediately if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

A: We transmit it to you by email, and it is delivered to your preferred pharmacy.

A: We use a very secure payment processor and are ultimately safe and secure.

A: We are not able to accommodate at this moment, we only accept cash pay/online payments. We are cooperating with some insurance providers on making it possible for you in the near future.

A: Pricing varies depending on the type of services required,  for more info please engage with one of our specialists  in the chat section to help determine the cost.

If you did not find the answer to your question. Please contact us.